Tobi is an amazing cat, he is extremely laid back and a pure joy. However we have moved while waiting for our home to be built and have temporarily relocated to a very small area, in which Tobi has to be inside only. We recently resided on the Bay with a very large yard and he was use to coming in and out as he pleased. He is absolutely lovely with a gorgeous coat. He s a little spoiled to his ...
Onyx is a quiet cat. She is completely indoors as she has no claws front or back. Likes affection on her terms.
Rosie is a wonderful girl who rules the house and knows it. She s got a bit of an attitude when it comes to getting what she wants. If she doesn t want to be pet she ll let you know, and if she wants your full, undivided attention she ll also tell you. She s a big wonderful heart with a love for cuddles and bathing in the sun. She hates bathing in water though, if you want to hear her scream pu...
Oswaldo is a little over a year old. He is very playful and loving. His ideal family would have lots of time to play with him.
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